Dr. Miriam Delbene DVM - Lake Worth Veterinarian

Dr. Miriam Delbene is committed to providing an advanced standard of care for your pets, and stands out as a leading veterinarian in Lake Worth, FL. The doctor uses the latest in veterinary techniques to provide your pets with exceptional care. Read more about Dr. Miriam Delbene below.

Dr. Miriam Delbene

Dr. Miriam Delbene’s passion for animals since she was a little girl drove her to wanting to make a living out of helping them, Graduating in 1996 from the veterinary faculty of Esperanza back in her hometown Argentina. Looking for better possibilities of growing as a veterinarian, Dr. Delbene came to the United States and started working as a Veterinary Technician, in the mid time studying to take her board exams to become a certify Veterinarian in the United States. After getting her board certification in 2008 Dr. Delbene worked at Miramar West Animal Clinic, The Pet emergency Room, Knowles
Animal Clinic, Animal Welfare Society and Palm Beach County Animal care and Control, exalting in the Emergency area she became a member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. With the experience, knowledge obtained and Dr. Toma’s trust She decided to take on ownership of Jog Lantana Animal Clinic to keep on the path of excellence and innovation. 
Dr. Delbene does not only stand out for her compassion and love for animals, but also for those around her, anyone who knows her or has work with her is able to perceive her honesty, humility, authenticity, kindness, integrity, passion and generosity.  She loves dancing, traveling, doing yoga, meditation and spending time with her rescue dog Midnight, her family and friends.